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Gypsol Screeds - Sustainable excellence because our environment matters
High quality anhydrite free-flowing floor screed binder.
Manufactured in the UK.
Easy to place, self-compacting, free flowing anhydrite screed binder.

A perfect alternative to sand/cement screeds and polished concrete, Gypsol is the ideal complement to under floor heating, and provides significant cost benefits versus traditional flooring systems. 

Getting it right first time

Our technical pages give you access to a wide range of information on our anhydrite screed binders. They are designed to ensure that you have easy access to accurate and comprehensive data at all stages of your project.

All information about Gypsol, including installation information, product specification and sustainability, can be found right here in on our technical pages.  Find all the latest information on sustainability, our full flowing screed product range, helpful and comprehensive useful information guides, our CPD presentation, Links to our BIM models in the National BIM Library and other useful links.

If there is any additional technical information you need that isn’t covered on our website, please contact one of our dedicated and highly experienced technical and specification managers, who will be pleased to assist you.