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Gypsol Screeds - Sustainable excellence because our environment matters
High quality anhydrite free-flowing floor screed binder.
Manufactured in the UK.
Easy to place, self-compacting, free flowing anhydrite screed binder.

A perfect alternative to sand/cement screeds and polished concrete, Gypsol is the ideal complement to under floor heating, and provides significant cost benefits versus traditional flooring systems. 

Retail Refurbishment, Burton Upon Trent

this case study demonstrates the effictiveness of our TS-15 product for use in refurbishment and repair work. In this instance a retail refurbishment of some 4500m2

Grantham based national screed installation specialist, Screedfloor Ltd, was asked to install a thin screed over an existing 4500m2 rough concrete floor. The options available were limited by the fact that the screed had to be as thin as possible, as little as 15mm in places but had to be able to vary in depth up to as much as 45mm. It also had to be fast to install, quick to dry and of course cost effective.


After detailed discussions with our technical and specification manager it was agreed that Gypsol TS-15 screed was the most appropriate material for the project. Requiring no reinforcement, TS-15 is designed, and has been independently tested, for applications that are bonded or un-bonded at just 15mm deep making it unique in the industry. An M13 NBS specification was drawn up which allowed the screed to be laid un-bonded over a simple polythene membrane, thus offering huge reductions in the level of subfloor preparation that would have been required for a bonded alternative.


With TS-15 being a high strength material, service and product quality, was, as always, of paramount importance and careful consideration had to be given to the distance of the ready-mix facility from the site and the speed at which the material could be batched and delivered. In this instance Cemex were selected by the screeder as being the most suitable for the job and the order was placed.


As TS-15 can be laid to a minimum of 15mm each m3 yields over 65m2 so the speed of installation can be very rapid indeed and the first pour saw over 1000m2 installed in little more than 6 hours with the whole project being completed in just 4 visits.

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