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Gypsol Screeds - Sustainable excellence because our environment matters
High quality anhydrite free-flowing floor screed binder.
Manufactured in the UK.
Easy to place, self-compacting, free flowing anhydrite screed binder.

A perfect alternative to sand/cement screeds and polished concrete, Gypsol is the ideal complement to under floor heating, and provides significant cost benefits versus traditional flooring systems. 

Residential development for Westleigh Homes

Gypsol continues to be the floor screed of choice for Westleigh Homes

Some of the most rewarding experiences in the construction industry are associated with taking something that is old and derelict and turning it into something of beauty and function that benefits local communities. Taking a piece of brownfield land and developing it into a peaceful estate of beautiful family homes is something the Gypsol team are proud to be involved with so when Westleigh Developments decided to build the estate dealt with in this case study we were happy to supply.

On the site of the nationally renowned Perkins Engines factory, the so called “forgotten factory”, was used by Perkins to build aero-planes during the First World War. The site had fallen into disuse when Perkin moved there operation elsewhere in Peterborough in the late 1980’s. The site was vacated in 2000 and left to fall into disrepair being demolished in 2010 leaving only the iconic tower known as Sages Factory Water Tower.

There was no specification work as such in this project as Westleigh Developments have used anhydrite screeds in many of their residential projects for over 5 years and this was no exception. The project was specified with flowing screed at a minimum of 40mm over insulation with no underfloor heating so was relatively simple to deal with.

Gypsol Classic was the material of choice and the screed of choice and supply was from Aggregate Industries depot at Thorney, some 10 miles from the project. This in itself is not a great distance for the material to travel however there was the added challenge of delivery into the city centre with all the traffic and transport difficulties that represents. Careful scheduling and efficient truck utilization by Aggregate industries dealt with this challenge and the screed pours were delivered without incident.

The famous water tower, considered a building of local historical importance, now sits at the heart of the development awaits its final function as two apartments. This is to be developed at some time in the future to complete the site.

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