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Gypsol Screeds - Sustainable excellence because our environment matters
High quality anhydrite free-flowing floor screed binder.
Manufactured in the UK.
Easy to place, self-compacting, free flowing anhydrite screed binder.

A perfect alternative to sand/cement screeds and polished concrete, Gypsol is the ideal complement to under floor heating, and provides significant cost benefits versus traditional flooring systems. 

Commercial Car Repair Workshop

This case study details the use of Gypsol TS-15 as an unbonded screed in a heavy duty application such as a car repair workshop

Carl Swift currently leads the 2015/2016 Tegiwa Civic Cup Championship. Earlier this year he almost suffered a disaster when the garage that he uses to store, maintain and prepare his car in set alight. Luckily, the fire brigade were quick to put out the fire and his car was saved.  The structure however suffered and required significant work to get it back to a useable condition.

Where the seat of the fire was, there had been some damage caused to the concrete and the decision was taken to install Gypsol TS15 to repair the floor giving a flat and level floor to store, maintain, repair and set up the car in. 

The design called for the screed to be unbonded and a 1200 gauge polythene was used to offer both a de-bonding layer as well as a DPM. 

Gypsol TS-15 is the thinnest option available from the Gypsol range and can be installed either bonded or unbonded over a solid sub base to a minimum depth of just 15mm. In fact, Gypsol TS-15, is unique in that it has been independently tested for its use unbonded making it incredibly versatile especially in the refurbishment market 

As with most of the Gypsol range, the Gypsol TS-15 does not offer a finished floor as it requires a subsequent floor covering. Carl therefore decided to install an epoxy based floor paint as a hard wearing covering. This in turn allowed the floor to be easily cleaned offering long lasting protection from water and other contaminants such as oil and hydraulic fluid.

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